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All hats should always be stored upside down, otherwise the curved brim loses its shape very quickly. The same applies especially to wet hats! Wet hats should only be dried upside down at room temperature because they shrink in excessive heat, just like sweaters that are washed in water that is too hot.


Pressure marks and dings can be removed with steam, e.g. with the aid of a teakettle. The cleaning of felt hats can be difficult, therefore it is often worthwhile to turn to a headwear or textile specialist shop. Fabric caps are usually accepted by all dry-cleaners. 


Dusty hats should be brushed with a cloth-brush in one direction – anticlockwise, so that the dust is removed properly and is not brushed into the surface.


Straw hats, especially Panama hats, are famous for being very resilient. That’s true – but only there, where they come from – in the tropics! There, the palm fibres remain soft and flexible through the high humidity. In contrast, in Europe the fibres can dry up very fast, especially through heating. Hence, it is recommended to moisten the hat from time to time under water vapour. Moreover, the hat must not be pinched when you wear it because it can break very easily.