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The protective straw hat came from the tropics. This very day almost all straw qualities are hand braided.

Palm fibres from Ecuador are called “Panama“ – the hats were shipped to Europe through the Panama Canal. For the production, palm leaves have to be harvested and cooked first. This process requires a lot of sensitiveness and experience. 


Then the leaves are dried in the sun in a natural manner. After that each string of the dried fibres is divided and the blades are braided knot for knot. Thereby, each knot represents the history of the Ecuadorian weavers, their feelings, their culture and especially the tradition of straw hat manufacturing, which is handed down from generation to generation. Depending on the quality, the braiding process of one hat can take up to six months!


The hats are washed in hot water and controlled carefully. Afterwards, they are dried in the hot sunlight. After the surface has been evened, the straw hats get their ultimate form by means of special machines.

The finished Panama hat is truly an artwork, exquisite and unique. 


Apart from Panama hats one can also find hats made of viscose fibres. This quality is called “Toyo” and possesses a stramineous look.