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The production of felt hats is a fascinating process because, despite today’s technological progress, the greatest amount of work is still carried out manually by hand. For the manufacturing of one felt hat, more than 200 complex individual operations are necessary! Therefore, each of our hats is handcrafted from the finest natural materials, with a great passion for details. 


Many years ago the Mongolians stuffed their leather shoes with sheep’s wool when it was cold. While walking, the wool was tumbled through moisture, heat and compression so that felt was created. Even today the cone is handcrafted in almost the same way. 


When dealing with the production of felt hats, one can differentiate between “Woolfelt”, in other words wool hats made from pure sheep’s wool, and “Furfelt” hats. Furfelt hats traditionally consist of animal hair (e.g. high quality beaver, rabbit), which is shaped into a cone through felting. This cone is then pulled over wooden or metal forms into the desired shapes of head and brim.


During the drying process, the form is fixed and retains its shape. The animal hair guarantees thermal conservation, exchange of moisture and breathability, just like modern fabrics. In detail, hats also differ in their finishes (see picture), as well as their trimmings and interior fittings.