Welcome to the world of FWS


Cap making is an old, traditional craft and even with the use of modern technology, it is not possible to mass produce high-quality products. Experience and knowledge handed down through the years in combination with innovative manufacturing processes leads to the contemporary production of premium caps. But how is a cap actually being made? We would like to give you an insight into our Stetson Europe/FWS manufacturing in Hartha/Saxony, Germany.


Whether classic products made of cashmere cloth, fashion caps or outdoor products, our young Stetson Europe production team pours its entire expertise and passion into the unique diversity of our products. Experienced cap makers and sewers make up a 25-person team. With select foreign partners, who carry out the production under the direction of FWS, even large series can be handled without a problem.


The models developed by our Stetson designers are first created digitally and are optimized for every single size. This is essential for prototyping and then serial production. Then, templates are created for the cut, guaranteeing the most efficient use of high-quality materials.


The cuts and templates are an important aspect for the perfect processing of the fabrics and for a perfect fit of the models. Fast running belt cutting machines ensure optimal pattern cutting that is accurate down to the millimeter. The subsequent sewing process requires high levels of concentration from the workers to ensure a smooth work flow.


Due to tiny parts and fast changing operations during the sewing process, only highly qualified sewers are able to do the job right. Each FWS sewer is capable of operating the entire array of special machines.


Every model is mounted on wooden forms and is then given its final shape.